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수질 분석기 DR 5000

『 측정항목 』: 수질 분석

· 내장된 240개의 프로그램으로 넓은 범위의 수질 분석
· USB를 통해 새 실험법을 간편하게 추가
· 자동 분석 방법 선택과 자동 실행 기능
· Pour-Phru 셀 키트 등에 의한 빠른 시료분석
· 넓은 터치 스크린 화면과 간편한 인터페이스


DR 5000

Wavelength Range

190 to 1100 nm

Wavelength Resolution

0.1 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

±1 nm

Wavelength Calibration


Data Storage

2000 points

Source Lamp

Tungsten (visible) and Deuterium (UV)

Operating Mode

Transmittance(%) , Absorbance and Conentration

Pre-Installed Programs

More than 240

Spectral Bandwidth

2 nm

Photometric Range

±3.0 A

Photometric Linearity

Deviation less than 0.5% at 2 A

Deviation less than or equal to 1% at greater than 2 A

Multiple language Interface

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguess,

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Dutch

Stray Light

KI-solution at 220 nm: greater than 3.3 Abs


USB 1.1

Power Requirement

100 to 120 V ro 200 to 240 V; 50/60 Hz; automatic changeover


450(W) × 200(H) × 500(D) mm


15.5 Kg