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오존 발생기 HPRO-9000

『 사용장소 』

실내 악취제거 및 집 진드기 등의 오존(O3) 살균

· 실내 공기질 개선용에 최적인 2,000 mg/hr~9,000 mg/hr 용량의 오존 발생기

· 옵션 사항으로 24시간 타이머부착의 모델을 주문 가능

· 2000 mg/hr용량의 2개의 ozone generator내장

· 4”크기의 큰 구경의 오존 통풍구

『 Application 』

· General ozone uses (각종 악취제거,온실, 음식물,농산물의 장기 보관)
· Home deodorization. (실내공기질 개선)
· Boat, yacht deodorization
· Car, automobile(자동차 실내 악취제거)
· Occupied area (office, restaurant, room etc.) deodorization
· Mold, mildew, etc. reduction (집진드기등의 살균)
· Pet odor problems deodorization (강아지,고양이등의 배설물 악취제거)
· Fire and flood restoration
· Ozone Room
· Hotel room deodorization
· Article Deodorizing (Mattress, couch, cloths, books, etc)
· Water Purification (물 정화)



Generation Method

Corona Discharge utilizing mica plate technology

Supply Gas

Ambient Air

Ozone Output

2,000mg/hr up gradeable to 9,000mg/hr

(with 8 additional plates)

Control options

On off switch standard on all models. - PRO 9,000-2 (Fully variable ozone output control)

24 hr one shot digital timer in addition to the variable ozone output control


158mm H x 128mm W x 525mm L


220 volt, 7Amp, 160W

Fan Size

105 cfm


Stainless steel inner chassis with a high impact extruded PVC cabinet.


The PRO 9,000-2 is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 years from date of purchase. Liability is limited to parts and labor only. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the customer. Crystal Air is not liable for damage caused by shipping, misuse, neglect or lack of regular maintenance.